Our recommended guidelines for website posted articles

Dear friend! If any of us would like to contribute some helpful article on theme “Balanced and Healthy lifestyle”, then kindly welcome. There is the power in unity, in cooperation, in support and care. 🙂

BHls.wordpress.com Article Directory Submission Guidelines

Article submission is quickly becoming the dominant way of getting links to our website. More and more people every day are writing articles and submitting them to the hundreds of directories on the internet.

Compliance with the following Article Submission Guidelines insures our article(s) approval and inclusion in our Article Directory. No exceptions will be given. These guidelines are necessary to maintain the degree of professionalism we promise our Readers, Publishers and Authors.

It is pretty simple, our articles must be perfect, and to the quality found in national magazines and newspapers. Please read ALL of the following Article Submission Guidelines completely.

BHls.wordpress.com Article Submission Guidelines:

Politeness and inspiration for co-operation:

1.      As fare is possible, please try to be polite, kind, soft hearted, encouraging, supporting etc.
2.      As far is possible, please try not to use in articles:
a.       “You should, must, should not, must not…” – that can make feeling of inferiority in reader and feeling of proud authority in Authors.
b.      “You, Your” – instead can be used “we, our”, because “we, our” generally unite people, where as “you, your” disunite, make unnecessary boundaries – this is me, my and that is You, Your. It can be exceptions, for example: “Please take Your passport with You!” in stead of “Please take our passport with us!” 🙂
3.      All our articles are meant to support, encouraging people for Balanced and Healthy lifestyle, Harmony, Softness, Goodness, Personal Development, Self-improvement, Friendship and Interfaith dialog. That mean, in any article, please tray encourage people to grow and respect our self, respect and support others and cultivate respect and gratitude to mother nature, laws of nature and higher power, Who provide for us all our play ground.
4.      Please tray to let go separatist mentality, activities and promote our paths as superior, and their paths as inferior. We are try keep away from sectarian mentality – we are better than others health systems: herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, Tibetan medicine, Reiki, healers, tantric medicine, black or white magic, different massages, allopathy, homeopathy, naturopathy, Kabala (Israel), yoga etc.
5.      There are culture differences in writing. For example, in German bathroom we can see note “You should close the tap”, in Brittan “Can You please be so kind and close the tap after Yourself. Thank You so much in advance. :-)” Let as aloud our self be natural polite, kind, soft and caring of each other and grow in natural devotional attitude.

1.    Authors submitting articles to BHls.wordpress.com for approval to be added to our directory will not be compensated in any way, for the writing or submitting of any article.
2.    All author’s will reserve and retain all copyright to their articles.
3.    Author’s are only permitted to submit a given article to one category. If you do not see a category listed that you feel is most appropriate for the subject matter of our article, please Contact Us. Normally we approve all reasonable new categories and sub-catagories, and notify you of their availability by return email. BHls.wordpress.com will usually reply to our email within 3 business day with our decision.
4.    BHls.wordpress.com reserve the right to publish our articles anywhere on our website. Other BHls.wordpress.com users have the right to publish our articles on their websites, in their newsletters, and more as long as the article is left in the original state including the information in our Resource Box giving you credit as author, and any links within the Resource Box.
5.    We expect that all submitted articles are written/authored by you. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Plagiarists will be banned immediately and without recourse.
6.    We expect that our article serve to educate and inform rather than just serve as a promotional piece. Include How To’s, Tips, Strategies, Techniques, Case-studies, Analyses, Opinions and/or Commentary in our articles from our own experience.
7.    Naturally, BHls.wordpress.com is looking for original, quality articles with content that is informational and well thought out. Articles with grammatical or spelling errors will be edited or, most likely, rejected. Formatting will be covered below.
8.    Article Submission does not mean our article will be automatically accepted and listed in the BHls.wordpress.com Article Directory. BHls.wordpress.com has the sole authority to except or reject any article. As long as our article meets the requirements in these guidelines, our article has a good chance of being accepted. However, if our article is not up to the general standards of our guidelines, BHls.wordpress.com will indicate the reason for rejection in our rejection email notice.
9.    If our article is rejected, we may resubmit our article with errors corrected for approval. If resubmitted with another error, the process will begin again.
10.    Spamming of this directory will not be tolerated. Submitting multiple copies, (2 or more), of the same article using different Titles, or with only slight modifications is strictly forbidden.
11.    We expect that articles are not promoting hate, racism, pornography, hacking, bomb building, terrorism or any other illegal and/or offensive activities. BHls.wordpress.com reserves the right to categorize any content as offensive.
12.    While direct affiliate links will not be tolerated, we are allowed to have links to pages on our domain that redirect to our affiliate program. No Pop-Ups, Java Scripting or “Promotional” links are allowed in the Title, Summary or Body of our article. However, resource and source credit links, up to a maximum of 3 links, (links to a third party work you are referencing for credibility), in the body of our article are allowed.

Web Site Active/Inactive Links/Anchors/URLs
1.    Download links are STRICTLY Forbidden. No direct links to any type of digital download are allowed.
2.    BHls.wordpress.com does not accept articles that have the same ACTIVE link more than once. Do not submit duplicate identical URLs.
3.    BHls.wordpress.com does not knowingly allow any URLs in any of our articles that are banned by Google or if our web site engages in questionable SEO practices, BHls.wordpress.com will reject our articles.
4.    BHls.wordpress.com does not auto format URL’s that are in the BODY of our article.
5.    BHls.wordpress.com does not allow active links in the first sentence of an article.
6.    BHls.wordpress.com does not allow articles which have strategic keyword anchor text links in the body to our domain that do not add informational value to the article as decided by our editors and review staff. Any use of anchored text links to web sites that you own should add value to the article topic rather than stand out as an obvious abuse an anchored text link. The goal with this policy is to be a good net citizen by only allowing articles that add value with the anchored text links rather than purely for SEO reasons. For the best cahnce of having our article accepted, do not use links in the article body.
7.    BANNED LINKS: BHls.wordpress.com will not accept articles with links (in the Article Body or Resource Box) to adult oriented web sites, including but not limited to web sites that include nudity, pornography, adult-oriented shopping sites and adult-oriented sexual content or any other potentially offensive or illegal content promoting hate, racism, hacking, bomb building, terrorism or any other illegal and/or offensive activities. BHls.wordpress.com reserves the right to categorize any content as offensive.
8.    Email ‘mailto:’ Links: We highly recommend including a link to our web site in the Resource Box, but do not advocate including a mailto: or email link to our personal or work email account. Spammers will abuse it. Better to just include a web site URL and let potential customers find our email address on our web site.

Formatting Our Articles For BHls.wordpress.com
1.    Title
1.    Our article Title must be in Title Case (i.e.. “I Write Great Articles” – First letter of each word is capitalized. Never all UPPER CASE.
2.    No Author or Web site Name or URL is allowed in the Title.
3.    No HTML tags are allowed in the Title.
4.    Do not put a “period” or “full stop” at the end of the Title.
5.    Titles with part numbers (Part 1, Part 2, etc…) will only be allowed if the preceding part number has already been submitted, approved and is in our directory. In other words, don’t submit Part 2 unless Part 1 is already approved.

2.    Summary Box
1.    The summary box must not end with an ellipses. It must end with a complete sentence and a period (.).
2.    No CRLFs are allowed in the summary box. It must be one paragraph summarizing the content of our article.
3.    Our entry into the Summary section is what shows up as the description in our RSS feeds that we provide to publishers. It must be complete and gramatically correct.

3.    Article Body
1.    It is healthy, if the article are 3,500 words maximum. The ideal article size to us is between 400 to 1,500 words. We are looking for actual informative and original content. If there is any need for bigger article, please let us know.
2.    Please do not repeat the article Title in the article body.
3.    Do not submit articles that are pre-formatted with excessive hard carriage returns such as articles that are pre-formatted to 60-65 characters per line. The article text should flow continuously and wrap naturally. To effect a new line, press the “Shift”+”Enter” key once; to effect a new paragraph, press the “Enter” key once to create a vertical white space. No one sentence paragraph articles!
4.    The following HTML tags ARE allowed in the article body:-
=    bold
=    italics
=    blockquote – to indent text
=    ordered and unordered lists
=    text links – to relevent, supporting, ‘content websites’ only! See above.
5.    The following HTML tags are NOT allowed in the article body:
=    Paragraph tag
=    Break tag
=    Image tag
=    Font tag
=    Header tag
=    Horizontal rule tag
=    Text links – to irrelevant, unsupporting websites

4.    Author Name and Pen Names
1.    Author’s Name
1.    Our full name is required for our first article submission. Allowable: You can use, First & Last or, First – Middle Initial & Last or, First Initial – Middle Name & Last. Name prefixes such as Mr. Mrs. Ms. are not allowed . Name Titles such as Dr. (Doctor), Prof. (Professor) Capt. (Captain), are allowed . Name suffixes such as Sr. (Senior), Jr. (Junior), III (The third) are allowed. Suffix Titles such as M.D. (Medical Doctor, etc, etc.) are also allowed.
2.    Pen/Alternate Author Names:
1.    BHls.wordpress.com will only allow one author membership account per individual, but you are allowed to have Pen/Alternate author names under our account (such as a pen-name or if you are an author’s assistant or manage articles for multiple different authors.
2.    ALL of the same rules for the Author’s Name above apply to the Pen/Alternate Author Names.
3.    The Author Terms Of Service applies to any alternate Author names just as it does to you directly. So, be sure you have written permission to submit the articles under any Pen/Alternate Author Name that you might setup.
3.    ATTENTION AFFILIATES – Pen Names: We don’t accept articles with affiliate links in them. With that said, PLEASE do not setup a Pen/Alternate Author Name of a guru of an affiliate program that you want to promote. This will be considered “Impersonation” of another individual and will be cause for immediate account termination and possible legal action. You can add alternate author names from our Members Profile once you are logged in to the members only area.

5.    Article Category or Sub-Category – Choosing A Category or Sub-Category
1.    Please choose the best existing category or sub category based on the theme of our article and not the theme of our business.
2.    Suggesting/Requesting a new Category or Sub-Category is permitted. If you are unable to find an existing Category or Sub-Category you feel is appropriate for our article’s content/information, you can suggest/recommend a Category or Sub-Category by entering it in the* BODY * field/box as shown in the following examples:
=    (Entered in the * BODY * Field/Box using ALL UPPER CASE LETTERS),
=    (Entered in the * BODY * Field/Box using ALL UPPER CASE LETTERS),
3.    Requesting/Suggesting a new Category or Sub-Category does not guarantee the new Category or Sub-Category will be listed for our article. However, BHls.wordpress.com is understanding of all such requests and will consider it seriously. All reasonable (In the estimation of BHls.wordpress.com Staff), Request/Suggestions will be implemented. Please understand however, the process may slow the approval of our article by as much a 5 to 7 business days.
7.    BHls.wordpress.com reserves the right to make minor changes/edits/additions to the above guidelines at any time without prior notice to our Member Authors. However, when there are any changes/edits/additions of a substantive nature to the above guidelines, Member Authors will be emailed notification of upon implementation.
8.    BHls.wordpress.com reserves the right to “synonymize” submitted articles in an effort to gain higher search engine positioning.
9.    BHls.wordpress.com accepts no responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of the article content included in our article directory, by any other publisher or the reliance upon by any person on the content of any article.
The BHls.wordpress.com Administration and Staff hopes you find our publishing process user friendly and effective.

For preparation of this post used materials from (29 Mar 2011): www.website-articles.net/sitemap.php

Our ever well-wisher with love and encouragement BVG Janaka das
29 Mar 2011

About BVG Janaka das

BVG Janaka das has international exposure across geographies, cultures, sciences, and Spiritual Practices, that he is bringing out the best in the participants and empowering them “Live Powerful Life what They Love to Live. He has experience as a leader of Transformative and Experiential Education, Balanced and Healthy lifestyle Education, of Personality Development, group dynamics and team building group seminars-workshops. He has experience and knowledge in coaching, consulting, leading, creating and managing innovative educational programs and management projects.
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