Awareness Worksheet for selecting a target behaviour

(under construction)

Use this work sheet to select a target behavior that you wish to change. Enter the target behavior on the center line below. You can be as general as you like. After you’ve selected a target behavior to work on, then list ALL related activities (behaviors) that you engage in. These will form the basis of your goals that you’ll create during Step 2 – Skills. What you’re focusing on by listing related behaviors are things that you can do to work on the target behavior. You’re also looking for “triggers” that influence the target behavior. For example, if you’re trying to quit smoking what events precede your lighting a cigarette?

Enter Target Behavior on this line, For example, “get sufficient rest”

Now list ALL behaviors that relate to (either contribute to or detract from) the target behavior. Always start with how often, how much the target behavior occurs now.

1. How often, how much does the target behavior occur now?

2. When does the target behavior occur?

3. What behaviors do you do that contribute or detract from the target behavior?


List any notes/observations you can think of that will help you reach your target behavior.

About BVG Janaka das

BVG Janaka das has international exposure across geographies, cultures, sciences, and Spiritual Practices, that he is bringing out the best in the participants and empowering them “Live Powerful Life what They Love to Live. He has experience as a leader of Transformative and Experiential Education, Balanced and Healthy lifestyle Education, of Personality Development, group dynamics and team building group seminars-workshops. He has experience and knowledge in coaching, consulting, leading, creating and managing innovative educational programs and management projects.
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