Sound Sleep Tips For Balanced and Healthy lifestyle

Sleep is vital need of growth and subtle body, mind and intelligence and is essential for every individual. At least seven to eight and a half hours of sound sleep will determine the mood for the whole day. If one does not get good , healthy and sound sleep at night, he or she will feel sleepy all day long and over a period of time will lead to depression, low self-esteem  and others physical, emotions, and mental disorders.

In this fast-paced world where people run ahead of time to achieve their present goals, it has become very difficult to have a sound sleep at night. Here are a few sound sleep tips that will help in getting a good sleep. Most of these bedtime tips or suggestions were tested and found to have helped the people in achieving the desired rest and sleep.

Primary Sound Sleep Tips

1. Sleep as early as possible – Best time is to go in bed and asleep before 8 pm, good enough before 9pm, latest before 10 pm it is still healthy.

  • Generally in some sense from 8pm till 10pm rest our intelligence, ability to make Balanced and Healthy decisions;
  • From 10pm till 12 mid night rest our mind, ability to think and contemplate. Ability to cope, digest and show in healthy way our emotions;
  • From 12 mid night rest our growth material body.

2.   Don not take a long nap during the day – If one some time needs to take a nap in the day, it is unhealthy sleep more than 10-15 minutes max for optimal rejuvenation, rest and repair. If we nap longer, it will disrupt the night-time sleep quality. And in long run, 3-5-7 years, it will damage deeply our physical, emotional, professional and social healthy,  if we sleep during a day more than 15 min max, not being deadly sick, bed patient, pregnant etc or prostitute.
3. Sleep Regulation – As much we can, in it healthy to get up and go to sleep at the same time every single day. It is unhealthy for whole our body and mind system to break regular sleep routine more than once per week.
4. Daily exerciseAt least thirty minutes a day will help improve the quality of our sleep.
5. Eat at regular intervals during the daytime. Avoid heavy meals at night.
6. Fresh Air – Open the window at least a crack to get fresh air to circulate while sleeping. In is unhealthy to cover our face , nose or/and mouse with some cloth, because it the obstacle to fresh air come in our body and mind, what is so needful for good, healthy sound sleep.
7. Rub and massage the foot – Rub and massage ghee or til, sesame oil on the bottom of our feet to release day stress and  promote restful sleep. Slight head massage and rubbing ears is really helpful too.
8. Count half the sky – Healthy to sleep with the head on the South: give deeper rest, rejuvenation, strength, or sleep with a head on the East: healthy rejuvenation  and balance of our physical, emotional, professional and social health. Unhealthy keep a head of North or West: will be weakness, sickness, fatigue and others destructive state.
9. Avoid excessive mental stimulation before bedtime. Caffeine, Nicotine are stimulants and should be avoided particularly during bedtime. Coffee, cola, tea, chocolate, and various medications may interfere with sleep and should be discontinued at least four hours before bedtime. Alcohol is a depressant and may help you fall asleep, but the subsequent metabolism that clears it from your body when you are sleeping causes a withdrawal syndrome. This withdrawal causes awakenings and is often associated with nightmares and sweats.
10. If we are filled with worries, we may find it difficult to sleep. Ensure that these worries are set aside. What you can do is after having dinner, spend around 30 minutes to dwell your problems. Instead of just thinking over it, try to write down the problems in a sheet of paper and the possible solutions to tackle those problems. Set aside the paper and forget about that for the rest of the night.
11. Daily go outside and get natural sunlight – This helps regulate our biological clock and increases the production of melatonin, which promotes well-balanced sleeping patterns.

Secondary Sound Sleep Tips

1. Quit smoking, at least try not to smoke at least an hour before going to bed.
2. Take a warm bath before going to bed; or else listen to some soothing music or read books. You can also meditate for a few minutes to get good sleep.
3. Do not simply lie on bed when you don’t get sleep. Get up from the bed, go to the living room and spend some time either mediating or reading books until you feel sleepy.
4. Avoid thinking too much before bedtime. 80% of insomnia is due to a “mental” imbalance. Watching violent shows on TV or reading violent books might cause restless sleep.
5. Sleep to be slim; the women who slept only five hours a night were a third more likely to experience major weight gain, defined as an increase of 15 kilograms or more, and 15 per cent more likely to become obese, compared with women who slept seven hours.
6. Cave-like darkness – Healthy, if the bedroom as dark as possible. Ideal  bedroom can be pitch-black so we can not even see our hand in front of our face, which means no bright lights, clock lights or any light coming in from the windows. Why? When we sleep in total darkness, the human brain produces a hormone called melatonin. Melatonin is an important antioxidant that protects our DNA structure and prevents cancer. Tests show that even a small amount of light hitting the skin almost immediately shuts off the production of melatonin. Therefore, scientists say, never turn on the light should we need to get up from sleep and go to the toilet.
7. Avoid noise – Sound sets the subtle body in motion so it can not rest.
8.  Avoid bright lights – One should avoid keeping bright lights on inside the house before going to bed. At this time, bright light hitting the eye disrupts the bio-rhythm of the pineal gland and shuts off your melatonin production.
9. Hot shower before bed – This relaxes the body and helps you fall asleep quickly. Avoid normal or cool shower in two hours before sleep, it can give more new energy and destruct sound sleep.
10. The bedroom keep free from electromagnetic fields – Do not keep a TV, computer or any other electronic item in your bedroom because they create strong electromagnetic field which disrupts the quality of your sleep.
11. Avoid fluids – Do not drink any fluids two hours before sleep. It can cause argent need to go to bathroom and in this way disturb our sound sleep .
12. Hot water bottle – To relieve tension and anxiety, place a hot water bottle between the navel and the bottom of your ribcage.

Try to practice these simple sound sleep tips to have a good and qualitative sleep which will help you wake up with fresh energy the next day.

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Part of materials from:,  “Be Healthy, Happy and Holy – Sleep by 10 pm

Your ever well-wisher with love and encouragement BVG Janaka das
15 Jun 2011

About BVG Janaka dasa das

The counsellor, trainer and lecturer of Balanced and Healthy lifestyle, body, art, music, trance etc philosophy, psychology and psychotherapy. The leader of personal development and team building groups and private practice of psychotherapy.
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1 Response to Sound Sleep Tips For Balanced and Healthy lifestyle

  1. Jane Smith says:

    I am an adult who is in bed by 8pm every night except the one evening that I have to work until 9PM. After working until 9PM one evening, I am ready for bed by 7PM the next night. I wake up at 4AM feeling terrific. I get so much more done in the mornings. I recommend a very early bedtime for everyone.

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