Nine Benefits of Squatting in Toilet

The health benefits of squatting posture in toilet for waste elimination:

  1. Waste is expelled more easily, quickly and completely
  2. A cleaner and healthier colon.
  3. No cost, natural remedy and treatment for hemorrhoids and constipation.
  4. Prevents waste from entering into and contaminating the small intestine.
  5. Flexing of the thighs against the lower abdomen supports the intestines, and help to prevent hernias.
  6. Straightens the final pathway between the rectum and the anus – making it easy for the colon to be emptied easily, without straining.
  7. Prevent stagnation of waste (fecal stagnation), which gives increased protection against colon cancer and inflammatory bowel diseases.
  8. Protects the pelvic floor and also pelvic nerves responsible for prostate health, bladder control and sexuality.
  9. Help mothers-to-be prepare for a more natural and comfortable delivery.

Squatting – The Ancient, Time-Tested Method for Evacuation

An increasing number of health experts have highlighted the benefits of squatting. One of them is Dr Alejandro Cardona of the University of Valencia, Spain:

“Having reviewed all the scientific literature available on the squatting posture and having had some personal experience with this ancient, time-tested method for natural evacuation, I have no hesitation in recommending it to my patients.”

Dr Cardona is not alone. You can also read what many other enlightened doctors, health experts and ordinary people have written about the risks associated with sitting toilets and advantages of squatting on this page.

The Good and Healthy posture for passing stools are one of so meaningful in our offered “Successful Balanced and Healthy lifestyle program“. Let us discover more about that?

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3 Responses to Nine Benefits of Squatting in Toilet

  1. umm fatma says:

    very helpful. my 4 yrs son used to visit the toilet to pee over 30 times now i make him squat and Alhamdulillah his better.

  2. Your summary of the benefits of squatting (including the picture) was taken from my website, Please properly attribute the material, including a link.

    Thanks for helping to spread the word about this topic.

    • Dear Jonathan Isbit

      Thank You for visiting our website and Your so kind word for our entrenchment 🙂

      Our only desire is to Help You Live Powerful Life What You Love to Live.

      >Thanks for helping to spread the word about this topic.

      Let us serve to gathers in cooperation.

      >Your summary of the benefits of squatting (including the picture) was taken from my website,

      Sorry for do harm to You and Your website Sorry for that. As we give link bellow, this material directly “from (23 Feb 2011):

      If I understudy You properly, take this material from It is true?

      >Please properly attribute the material, including a link.

      Please share as clear as possible, what is Your desire about that and where, what links You would like to have in this article?

      Can we do something else for You that You Live Powerful Life what You Love to Live?

      Thank You so much in advance.

      With gratitude BVG Janaka das /

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