The 8th Habit – Find your voice…and inspire others to do likewise

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Find your voice
1. Discover your own voice
2. Express your voice

Inspire others to find their voices

1. Expand your influence
2. Be trustworthy
3. Build trust
4. Blend other’s voices
5. Create a common vision

1. Align goals and system
2. Empower others

A. Find Your Voice
To find your voice means to engage in work that genuinely taps your talents and fuels your passion. It means to do something significant with your career – to sense an unmet need and then to fully harness all your talents and passion to meet that need. To find your voice means to take the path to greatness rather than settling for mediocrity.

B. Inspire Others To Find Their Voices
Once you’ve found your own voice, the way you can continue to increase your feelings of achievement is by helping others to find their own unique voices as well. Most likely, this will be done through an organisation of some kind because most of the world’s work is done by organisations rather than by individuals. To inspire others means to recognise, respect and create meaningful opportunities for others to express their voices. The word “inspire” is derived from the Latin “inspirare” which literally means “to breath life into another”. This is exactly what you do when you encourage and positively influence others within your own organisation to find their voices.

More details about 8th habit:SoundIdeas Book Summaries.pdf” and „Success Book Summaries.pdf

Recommended external link: – Dr. Stephen R. Covey

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