To Feel Better About Yourself Today By Being a Caregiver

“This country will not be a good place for any of us to live
in unless we make it a good place for all of us to live in.”

~Theadore Roosevelt

by Cindy Platt.

Feeling better is easier than you think. 🙂

If you are looking for ways to restore balance, peace and order to your days, while helping your loved ones live a better life, the solution is simple.

Being a caregiver for seniors is a labor of love that can help build fulfilling relationships and make a difference in how you feel about yourself. Being a caregiver is a job that comes with responsibilities and problem solving, followed by the singular joy that comes with making a difference.

When you care for a senior citizen you are likely to find many moments of inspiration, and interaction. Do it well and you’ll be having so much fun it will barely feel like work!

Here Are 5 Ways To Feel Better About Yourself Today By Being a Caregiver.
1.  Enhance The Quality Of Someone’s Life. Helping elderly people with small tasks around the home, and providing companionship through conversation will help them maintain their independence, their confidence and improve their quality of life. When you increase another person’s quality of life, you improve your quality of life as well.
2.  Run Errands.
Picking up prescriptions, taking someone to a doctor’s appointment, or assisting with grocery shopping are all simple tasks that provide seniors with the emotional and physical support they need to get through daily tasks that would otherwise go undone.
3.  Engage In Activities.
Everyone needs exercise, games, and conversation for their brain to stay stimulated and for them to maintain a physically healthy lifestyle. But as people grow older it becomes more challenging to to stay connected and moving. As a care provider you can schedule activities such as card games, Scrabble, or any recreational activities that promote movement and exercise.
4.  Help With Housekeeping.
Help design a systematic approach to keeping a senior’s home neat and clean. Seniors have less mobility and don’t always manage their household or financial day-to-day operations as well as necessary. Keeping a neat and clean house not only makes things look better and feel safer, it is easier to live in as well. Cleanliness and organization can transform lives, eliminate unnecessary frustration and minimize stress levels. Pass your best habits onto an elderly person that needs extra assistance and help everyone feel better.
5.  Fighting Age With Attitude. Resiliency and confidence are enhanced by a positive outlook on aging and physical well being. Studies show people who have a positive view on growing older age more gracefully and are more mentally acute. Helping the elderly remain resilient with a healthy diet, stimulated brain and enthusiastic health minded company can add a glow to the golden years. Being a role model and inspiration for other people will keep you balanced and feeling youthful.

Maintaining a rich and active social life along with a healthy diet and exercise can help anyone find the WOW! factor needed to live a vibrant and happy life. There are few better ways to feel better about yourself than giving your time and effort to influence another person’s life positively.

Just remember, someday you’ll be old, too. Contributing to the community now is money in the bank for later!

Cindy Platt is a parenting specialist who writes at Your Life’s Blueprint. Follow her on Twitter.

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