Balanced and Healthy Exercise at least 30-40 minutes a day and Our Entire Day is Successful

True enjoyment comes from activity
of the mind and exercise of the body;
the two are ever united.”
~ Humboldt

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Your ever well-wisher with love and gratitude Janaka das
19 Apr 2011 –

About BVG Janaka das

BVG Janaka das has international exposure across geographies, cultures, sciences, and Spiritual Practices, that he is bringing out the best in the participants and empowering them “Live Powerful Life what They Love to Live. He has experience as a leader of Transformative and Experiential Education, Balanced and Healthy lifestyle Education, of Personality Development, group dynamics and team building group seminars-workshops. He has experience and knowledge in coaching, consulting, leading, creating and managing innovative educational programs and management projects.
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