Four Principles of Community Building

Share by: H.H. Bhakti Tirtha in book “Swami Warrior III

1. Treat everyone you encounter as if the success of your spiritual life depends upon the quality of your interaction with them.
2. Reflect upon the person you love the most, and aspire to treat everyone with that same quality of love.
3. View all conflict as your own faults first. See conflicts as a chance for growth, to clarify perceptions, and to create synergy.
4. Realize that the people in your present environment might very well be the people with whom you will live out your life, and who will be with you at time of death.

Material prepared by BVG Janaka das –
Last changes was made: 28 Feb 2011

About BVG Janaka dasa das

The counsellor, trainer and lecturer of Balanced and Healthy lifestyle, body, art, music, trance etc philosophy, psychology and psychotherapy. The leader of personal development and team building groups and private practice of psychotherapy.
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