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  • According to various esoteric, occult, and mystical teachings, living beings are constituted of a series of psycho-spiritual subtle bodies, each corresponding to a subtle plane of existence, in a hierarchy or great chain of being that culminates in the physical form. (
  • Sukshma sharira, the nonphysical, astral body or vehicle in which the soul encases itself to function in the Antarloka, or subtle world. (
  • The second of four bodies within a human being (the physical, subtle, causal, and supracausal bodies), which is experienced in the dream state. (
  • The energetic body. It is described in terms of ‘channels’ (or ‘spatial nerves’); ‘winds’ (or ‘energies’); and ‘points’ (or ‘elemental essences’). (,com_aro_glossary/task,show_all/Itemid,80/)
  • A field of force, with energy vortexes at the psychic centers (chakras). (
  • known in Sanskrit as sukshma-sharira, the subtle body is the psychomental aspect of the human body that exists independent of the physical, or gross body, and is often considered to survive the death of the physical body and is involved in the process of rebirth and eternal life. (
  • subtle body – in Tibetan medicine, a network of energy channels that transport energy derived from oxygen-, sensory-, and food-derived nutrients. This network lies parallel to the blood vessels and nerves in the body; it facilitates and coordinates the movement of the flow of blood and neural impulses. It is not an anatomical system such as the cardiovascular or nervous system and cannot be viewed conventionally. Instead, it is accessed through practice of imagination and visualization that can be accomplished through meditation. (

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