In his laughter, there was something not of this world

There are many stories about the sage Hotei which reached enlightenment, his secret, he began to laugh. He lived after this for nearly thirty years, and laughed all these years. Even in his sleep – his disciples was sometimes heard – he laughed. All His message to the world was – laughter. He walked from one town to another and everywhere just laughed. Usually he would come now to one market place to the other and laughed. People gathered. In his laughter, there was something not of this world – it was the laughter of the Buddha. (He is known in Japan as the “Laughing Buddha”.)

Hotei laughter was so contagious that everyone who heard it, began to laugh. Soon, there laughed the whole market place, a crowd gathered and laughed … Many asked him: “Give us some explanations, instructions …”. But he usually answered:” Nothing more. That is enough. If you can laugh if you can totally laugh – it is meditation. “

Laughter was his technique (it means). They say … that many people have become enlightened through laughter Hotei. That was his only meditation: to laugh yourself and help people to laugh.

Laughter engorgement 7 min movie in! (Christine Rabette, 2003)”, released back in 2003 in Belgium. In 1994 Christine received a Special Jury Prize FIPRESCI (The International Federation of Film Critics) at the International Festival International Festival of Mannheim-Heidelberg with a short film Sale Temps Pour Les Mouches.

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