Sleep Duration and Effect on Weight Loss

This article is in more simple language. If we like to read some idea in more scientific and professional language, please read article “Sleep Well and Stay Slim: Dream or Reality?

From the Annals of Internal Medicine, October 5th 2010: Calorie restricted participants who got adequate sleep lost more fat versus muscle.

Prior studies have shown hormonal and neurologic responses to caloric restriction in weight loss. In this study, 10 overweight middle-aged adults were assigned to 5.5 or 8.5 hours of sleep daily for 14 days. Three months later they crossed over to the opposite group for another 14 day period. Fat loss, fat free body mass and several hormonal systems were monitored.

At the end of the study: mean loss of weight for each treatment was about 6.6 pounds. People who slept for 8.5 hours lost 56% of weight as fat (and 44% as muscle). Those who slept for 5.5 hours lost 25% as fat (and 75% as muscle). Since muscle weights twice what fat weights, the percentage of fat lost was over 100% more (25% versus 56% for the 5.5 versus 8.5 hours sleep), but the volume of fat lost was 200% more- recalling that fat weighs 50% of what muscle weighs.

Finally, sleep deprived participants (5.5 hours sleep/nite) developed lower resting metabolic rates (at rest they burned fewer claories). This makes sense: the more muscle mass, and less fat mass a person has, the faster they burn calories at rest. The sleep deprived people also reported greater levels of hunger and they released more stress hormone which could prematurely age every organ system in the body!

We’ve seen this with our Simeons patients- those who get more rest lose more body fat (inches around the waist). Sleep tight, sleep right (enough), sleep well every nite!

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1 Response to Sleep Duration and Effect on Weight Loss

  1. Gordon Youd says:

    I would never have thought that sleep had anything to do with weight loss.
    I often tell people that during the war years it was hard to find an obese person, since the end of the WW2 life has got easier, with a lot of “junk” about.
    NOW, you cannot walk down the street and not see an extremely obese person.
    It is sad to think they will have a very short life……….

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