6 Benefits to Starting a Yoga Practice

by Head Health Nutter on May 5, 2011

If you haven’t tried yoga yet, maybe you’re unaware of its benefits. Well, you’re in luck because today’s guest blogger, Amy Lizee from Our Global Awareness magazine, shares with us six very good reasons to start a yoga practice.

Yoga is a beautiful spiritual journey partaken by thousands of individuals globally. Yoga was created for the unity of the mind, body and spirit, allowing us to be able to sit longer in mediation. Through breathing exercises, physical poses and various mental exercises, yoga provides many benefits to the individual who enjoys living a positive balanced lifestyle.

Connect with the Self
One of the more popular reasons that many people join yoga is the connection between the mind, body and spirit. Yoga teaches concentration, mobility and strength. When you are able to fully connect with your higher self you can then focus on the next step of connecting to the world around you.

Live in the Now
Through the practice of yoga, individuals are provided the tools in order to clear their minds completely. These clearing tools provide the key to mental barriers caused throughout day-to-day life. Through yoga, people are given the tools in order to clear their mind and to focus and learn to live in the now.

Inner Peace
Through yoga, individuals learn how to unify themselves internally and with the world around them. This inner peace is what many individuals seek when beginning the ancient art of yoga. Once this unity occurs, you can focus the soul’s energy on ridding the mind and body of daily stress. By unifying yourself, we create a greater sense of individual inner peace.

Look and Feel Younger
Beyond the internal mind, there are external benefits to yoga that involve the body. Many yoga practices contain the art of balancing breathing, stretching and flexibility. When the yoga practice focuses on flexibility it can assists to realign your body’s muscles and can aid in pain management and prevention. Yoga can help people appear and feel younger through increased circulation and better breathing. These together help to reduce the body’s physical stress which, when combined with the other positive effects, leads to a more youthful being.

Build Strength and Confidence
When a specific yoga practice focuses on using all of the body’s muscles, you help to build up muscle strength throughout your body. A solid strengthening yoga practice can have the power to build up the body as well as the mind. As you progress through your yoga practice, you can awaken and create a more confidant individual who can handle their daily life with poise and patience.

Attract the Positive
A dedicated yoga practice can create a very strong sense of self and can help us to clear the mind. When you learn how to control your stress and negative energy, you may learn how to send it outward, making room for you to attract positive energy and open yourself up to the possibilities that you couldn’t see before. By being united in mind, body and spirit, you are free to attract and create positive things into the world you create around yourself.

A big thanks to Amy for reminding me why I love yoga so much! It’s inspiring me to build up a more consistent practice and kick this crazy yo yo healthy living I’ve been on.

If you like spiritual reading, check out http://www.OurGlobalAwareness.com, they’ve got scads of fascinating and enlightening articles like Laws of the Universe and Listening to Your Intuition!

Material from (9 May 2011): http://livelighter.org/six-benefits-starting-yoga/

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