The Benefits of Being a Volunteer

by Suzanne Rose

There are many benefits to being a volunteer.  These will vary based on the position, but may include the following.

You can feel good knowing that you helped someone else
When you volunteer you can make a difference in people’s lives.  Volunteers have literally saved people’s lives at times, literally and figuratively.  Even a small difference can sometimes mean more to those you are helping than you realize.  It can be good to know that you are making this difference.  You can feel proud of yourself.  You are being selfless and giving of your time.  You should feel a higher self esteem to know that you are spreading good to others.

You can set a good example for others
If you have children, relatives or others who look up to you, then you can be setting a good example to them by volunteering.  If your children see that you take the time to give to others, then they may learn these same principles.  He or she may grow to do the same selfless gestures, and also get good feelings from it.  Even friends who see you volunteer may be motivated to do the same.

You may enjoy it
A lot of volunteer work is far from work, but instead enjoyable.  For instance, you may volunteer by being a “Big Brother” to a disadvantaged child.  You may enjoy playing sports with the child or taking him or her out places.  Volunteer work is good for a lot of people with a lot of time on their hands such as someone who is retired.  It could give them something to do to enjoy in addition to letting them make a difference.

It can be educational
You may find some volunteer work that is educational.  For instance, let’s say you are in college and you want to be a teacher.  You may choose a volunteer job where you work at a school and help children.  This can help you gain experience.  You may also volunteer at a hospital if you are looking to get into the medical field.  In addition to giving you experience, this is something that you can put on your resume.  It may help you get into college, a graduate program or even a job.

Volunteering is a wonderful activity and can be done by anyone, young or old.  The above benefits are some you may realize from this gracious activity.

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