How to Lose Ten Pounds in Ten Seconds

Remember way-back-when when your mother told you time and again to sit up straight? It was a mantra in my family, and I couldn’t understand why scrunching my belly into my hips was such a big deal. Well, now that my belly and my hips are literally a bigger deal than they were when I was eight, I understand what Mom was talking about.

Good posture makes you look thinner.

I couldn’t find any better before and after photos of a woman to illustrate this fact, but I did track down these photos of left.

The guy in the photos looks remarkably different when his posture is erect. His belly disappears when he’s not hunched over…his chest looks like he has gym-inspired pecs…he appears taller…and damn if he doesn’t look younger.

Okay, so sitting/standing up straight isn’t going to magically turn you into an 18-year-old supermodel, but it’s certainly going to eliminate the dumpy-frumpy factor that comes from folding your body in the middle. And there’s a lot to be said for that.

Material from (27 May 2011): How to Lose Ten Pounds in Ten Seconds « elle ink.

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