7 Lessons that You Learn When It Is too Late

life lessonsDid you ever wish you hadn’t made a certain mistake? I’ve been in that situation plenty of times when I thought to myself “Why didn’t I listen to my mom (friend, husband, common sense)?”

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Did you ever wish you hadn’t made a certain mistake? I’ve been in that situation plenty of times when I thought to myself “Why didn’t I listen to my mom (friend, husband, common sense)?” You just wish you hadn’t done something because you realize how silly what you’ve did actually was. Or maybe you realize that your mistake was actually NOT doing what you were supposed to do. In any case you learn your lesson but sometimes it is too late to change anything.

Last week I learned a few lessons that I completely ignored for a long period in my life. It all started with a mild back pain (who doesn’t get one of those?) The next day I woke up and I understood that I could not bend, twist, lift anything (it is a problem when you have two 30-pound toddlers running around and constantly demanding your attention), sit or lie comfortably. I felt that my body turned against me and it was giving me a lesson that I should have learned long time ago.

I do not want you going through the same pain that I did and I am going to save your time by sharing with you the lessons that I have learned. These lessons won’t only prevent back pain. These lessons will help you make the right choices in life that will shape your future the way you want it to be (balanced future, I hope :-) ). Don’t ignore these lessons until it is too late.

  1. It is never too early to start living a healthier lifestyle.
    Most people do not think about a healthy lifestyle before they start having some health problems. If you look good, you are young and your doctor has not warned you about anything – you can eat whatever you want, you do not have to exercise or protect your health in any way. The truth is that the earlier you start healthy living the more problems you will be able to avoid in the future. It does not matter if you are 18 or 88, it is always your responsibility to take care of what you have – your body.
  2. “Me” time benefits not only you but also your loved ones.
    I know a lot of women who do not exercise or do not go out with friends simply because they feel selfish doing that. I am sure that men often feel the same way. The truth is that when you skip on “me” time you give trouble to the ones you are trying to protect. Instead of being fresh and energized you get grumpy and fussy. Instead of playing with your kids you sit on the bench because your back hurts too bad. Instead of having a relaxing date with your partner you start nagging or nit-picking because you are just too tired of doing it all by yourself.
  3. We are not static, our future starts today.
    For some reason we think that we and the world around us do not change. In fact, every day we live we make one step towards our future. It is important to make sure that we do not waste our days and we fill these days with the activities that matter to us and benefit people we care about.
  4. Don’t take for granted what you have.
    I never thought of how great it is to be able to move freely before I hurt my back. I took this simple ability to walk, sit, jump, run etc. for granted and I didn’t think how blessed I am to live a pain-free life. There are thousands of people in the world who have to live with constant pain. There are thousands of people who do not have wonderful families. There are thousands of people who do not have homes or shelters.
    I’ve learned to be grateful and appreciative for what I have. I have also learned to protect what I have been given in life. I ask you to protect your health, protect your family, protect your financial situation (by being financially savvy), and protect your friendships instead of ignoring them or taking them for granted.
  5. Laziness and procrastination are never an option.
    There is no excuse in spending hours on the couch in front of a TV instead of going for a walk or playing with your kids. No matter how busy your schedule is, no matter how tired you might be, no matter how bad you feel and how old you are – you must make time for things that matter the most.
  6. It is okay to ask for help.
    I am one of those people who like to do everything without anybody’s help. Guess what happens when you have back pain and you still try to do everything on your own? After I picked up my girls a few times I hurt my back even more and I could not move at all (not the result I was anticipating).
    It is important to ask for help when you need it. It does not matter if your back hurts, you are tired after a long day at work or you just can’t take all the responsibilities anymore. People who love you will be willing to help you because they care about you. Nobody expects you (or me) to be superman or superwoman. You can be strong and independent and yet enjoy a balanced dose of support.
  7. Small steps bring big results.
    Did you ever give up on something simply because it didn’t bring immediate results? Some steps that we make in life are really tiny but they take us to the highest peaks in the end. When you are in pain you can’t do much of anything. However, if you start doing a few exercises with the smallest range of motion you will notice that soon you start feeling better and the pain goes away. Something as small as a nod of a head can change completely how you feel. Something as easy as journaling or walks outside can make you calmer and happier. Something as small as a “thank-you” can save your relationship. No step is too small.

Sometimes you have to fall on your own face but a lot of times it is easier to learn from the mistakes of others. I hope that you have learned something from my mistakes.

Did you ever learn a lesson from a mistake that you’ve made in life? Share your lessons in the comments below so that all of us could learn from you.

Keep it balanced!

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Material from ( 28 May 2011): 7 Lessons that You Learn When It Is too Late

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