What is Skillful Emotionality?

Emotions and there dischargeSKILLFUL EMOTIONALITY refers to  the ability to:

1.  be aware of arising feelings and the thoughts that accompany them.
2.  be alert to sensations that suggest that evoked emotion is available.
3.  intentionally  access that emotion  and experience it thoroughly through crying and laughing while sitting still.
4.  observe and contemplate silently or aloud the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, attitudes, memories, visual images, in short everything… that the brain is generating.
5.  at all stages use that emotion rationally and compassionately.

The practice of skillful emotionality is most effective and rewarding when two or more people take turns giving one another  equal periods of time of dedicated and concentrated attention:

  • (a) no interruptions other than to ask “what are you thinking”;
  • (b) the person giving attention does not dilute their attention with their own thoughts.  ATTENTION IS KEY.


  • have you wept, felt anger, rage, anxiety, fear, or terror, or done something that you now regret but cannot change?
  • have you been in danger of losing your life or found yourself ending someone
  • else’s?
  • do you deliberately bury your mind in malls, movies or TV, crossword puzzles, computer games, the Internet, magazines, novels and nonfiction, stock market figures, hobbies, or your family or job so that you won’t think about the lasting consequences of their decisions?
  • have you decided you must no longer let others do your thinking for you?
  • or have you long been convinced that all forms of life are to be cherished and protected?

Have You Answered, “Yes,” Even Once?

The downloadable and printable 36 page booklet, “LET’S PRACTICE LOVING POLITICS”, is a SELF-HELP guide for the  formation of ongoing and emergency-only political support groups.  View or Download  this (1Mb) booklet.

For those who are interested in emotional awareness, consciousness,  and the development of empathy and compassion, the pamphlet provides an introduction to the disciplined practice of SKILLFUL EMOTIONALITY.

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Material from (30 May 2011): http://www.loving-politics.com

About BVG Janaka dasa das

The counsellor, trainer and lecturer of Balanced and Healthy lifestyle, body, art, music, trance etc philosophy, psychology and psychotherapy. The leader of personal development and team building groups and private practice of psychotherapy.
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