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The Art of Mindful Walking

By D. M. Hulet Taking a walk to clear your head – putting some distance between you and the things that are stressing you out, at home or at work – even if it’s just a quick jog around the … Continue reading

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Top Yoga Techniques for a Healthy Life

Yoga!!!!! A buzz word for today’s generation!!!! We all talk about yoga almost everyday but many a times it is difficult for anyone to know which particular yoga is beneficial for one’s health and moreover we get confused most of … Continue reading

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Balanced and Healthy daily routine or DINACHARYA

In all of creation there are no better and more powerful medicines, tools, techniques, methods etc. than to tune in with the rhythm and laws of Divine and Almighty Nature. That was boldly admitted by all holistic health Doctors and … Continue reading

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How to deal with Stress

Do you feel stressed? Is stress affecting your life? How do you deal with stress? Stress is simply the response of the body and mind in reaction to events or external influences. Many people go on with their day feeling … Continue reading

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