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Clinical Care in Ayurveda or the Role of Our Five Material Bodies (Panchakosa) in Treatment Planning

By Nimai Nitai Dasa* There are three fundamental approaches to Ayurveda that reflect particular psychological dispositions of different types of therapists and patients, derived from a predominating tendency toward manifesting balance (sattva), assertiveness (rajas), or passivity (tamas). Therapists and patients … Continue reading

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Ayurveda doctor Dr. Nanasaheb Memane

B.A.M.S; M.S., (Ayurveda Vachaspati) Head, Ayurveda Department, Bhaktivedanta Hospital Graduation in Nashik B.A.M.S. college of Ganeshwadi. Post graduation with university topper in VAM Amaravati- A well known Ayurvedic research centre for Ksharsutra and Anorectal surgery in India under guidance of … Continue reading

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Balanced and Healthy daily routine or DINACHARYA

In all of creation there are no better and more powerful medicines, tools, techniques, methods etc. than to tune in with the rhythm and laws of Divine and Almighty Nature. That was boldly admitted by all holistic health Doctors and … Continue reading

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