Lifestyle Counsellor

Lifestyle counsellor’s Mission Statement: “With love and devotion we will offer everyone a modern, scientific, holistic Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle education, training, support and counselling with the true awareness and understanding of the needs of the body, mind and the soul.”

Lifestyle counsellor Aims:
1.      With devotion, enthusiasm, creativity, full-heartedly engage body, mind, words and soul to fulfil Lifestyle counsellor’s Mission Statement.
2.      Lifestyle counsellor important duty and aim is to personally live Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle. Not just preach Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle but practice it.
3.      Reawaken the clients and public in general about awareness of endless benefits (more free time, less expenses, less money needs, more peace for body-mind-soul, less stress, more livelihood, more life fours, deeper loving relationships, more professionals success, more stable career etc) of Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle.
4.      Research and development of vision, philosophy, strategy, means, ways, tools, techniques etc in spiritual, philosophical, psycho-therapeutic, scientific, educational etc fields to help the customers to reawaken and come to the platform of systematic, holistic Preventive Health care approach and Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle.
5.      To help customers/ patients discover their inner desires, abilities, skills, needs, power etc. to live and maintain Healthy Life stile for individual, family, professional, social and spiritual benefits instead of occasionally going for treatment of diseases, stress, over weight etc.
6.      In creative ways organize and provide to clients / patients needful motivation, encouragement, support, back-up, training, education, seminars, counselee sessions etc for modern, scientific, holistic Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle.

Lifestyle counsellor activities:

  • Lifestyle counsellors are committed to the education and guidance of their patients in making positive changes to various aspects of their lifestyle that may be inhibiting optimal health.
  • Lifestyle counselling takes into consideration where you are in your health journey and what you wish to achieve.
  • By evaluating the environmental, mental/emotional and physical aspects of your life, the lifestyle counsellors can help the patients make choices which will enhance their well-being and reduce stress levels.
  • Personal counselling can help the clients to open up and voluntarily change self defeating unhealthy beliefs and destructive attitudes that lock one into unsatisfactory life patterns.
  • Educate the population in how to improve their nutrition and nutrient levels, avoid toxicity, decrease stress, improve their body biochemistry and engage in appropriate physical activity. Also educate on how to improve the body’s inner function while decreasing the many stresses from the environment in order to improve health.
  • Meet every person admitted in IPD and follow up after discharge for life style counselling.
  • Prepare the reports, formats, brochure etc required for the job function.
  • Maintain database of all clients and their follow up developments.
  • Duties assigned as and when.

Key Lifestyle Issues
Some of the lifestyle “basics” that everyone and anyone will benefit from:

  • Regain purpose of blissful and healthy life
  • Reconnect with natural intelligence
  • Reconnect with  omnipresent, omnipotent spiritual power
  • Reawaken on natural platform of physical, emotional, professional and social wellness.
  • Avoid toxins in the environment
  • Consume clean, nutritious foods and supplements
  • Consume plenty of water
  • Get proper levels of exercise, sunlight and rest
  • Seek treatment to eliminate emotional stresses, allergies and other sensitivities
  • Seek energetic balance

These are but a few of the lifestyle areas that can be part of the education, training and counselling given to help people regain and maintain Balanced and Healthy Lifestyle, Blissful and Knowledgeable life, deep Loving relationships, professional career etc instead of occasional problem, diseases, stress, dissatisfaction, treatment etc.

2 Responses to Lifestyle Counsellor

  1. divya says:

    its very valuble command for me…..i have learning lot of things..thank u so much

  2. Alan Field says:


    I like to express how much I like your website and have recommened it to friend. I humbly thankyou for taking time to make this website for all to read. I am learning so much by Reading the website here in England

    your friend


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