2nd step: Awareness

If we just sit down somewhere in nature or whatever we are right now, and pay little bit deeper attention on things, beings, processes etc around us, we can notice:

  • In the water, the smaller fish eaten by the bigger fish.
  • Tornado, Cunami, avalanche etc take away with the follow everything les powerful by the way.
  • Bigger beings and more powerful processes are influence or/and take with them less powerful beings and processes.

This is the way of material nature, laws which are insurmountable. In addition, if we are pay more deeper attention, we can notice:

  • Biggest fish in water are peaceful, because she is more powerful, than others are.
  • Tornado take away everything … except some things like big mountains, valleys etc, because they are really grounded, rooted and more powerful than Tornado.
  • Bigger beings and more powerful processes are influence less powerful… except Supreme Power, Absolute Truth, who is creator, maintainer and destroyer of everything, which was created.

That mean, we can naturally absorb around us, here is only one Supreme Power, Absolute Truth, which is cause of all causes.

Without energy, there are not sustenance and maintenance. Any energy descends from more powerful energy sources and ultimately from one Supreme Power, Absolute Truth. If we really wish to live Balanced and Healthy life, then here are crucial question: How we can connect with sustenance and maintenance energy sources? In this web site and our offered education seminars-workshops leaders and trainers inspired and help to each and every of us personally and practically realize ansours on this question in our own heart. 🙂

Now let us go into the question.  Awareness is an honestly helpful Awareness, if it is lead us at least to three activities:

  • Set up the Goals
  • Make the Action Plan
  • Experience the Changes

Awareness Leads to Goals

Developing a Balanced and Healthy lifestyle can be accomplished at any stage of our life but no matter where we begin, it all starts with 1st step “Encouragement -> Motivation -> Desire”, then 2nd step “Awareness -> Investigation -> Knowledge”. Awareness is the all important second step in any reawaken process. It has three phases:

  • Awareness – it can happen by chance do to some external or internal triggers, like provocative situation; suddenly received the info from book, magazine, web, school; lecture or meeting with trainer, teacher, Guru; dream; realisations from heart, meditation; accident, disease, shook etc.
  • Investigation – it can happen only by our conscious endeavours investigate some our other question, situation, problem etc and in this phases after consideration present topic, generally we consciously make decision: right now go deeper or leave it. If we go deeper, then we can come to next phase
  • Using knowledge – if in “investigation” phase we are make decision go deeper, then someone from without (teacher, trainer, Guru etc) or within (heart voice, intuition etc) can revile to us actual knowledge and then we can actually using descended knowledge.

When we Aware or know, what we like, desire, need etc to change: develop new balanced and Healthy lifestyle habit or let go old unbalanced and unhealthy lifestyle habit, than is helpful idea to start write down our Goals. Writing Goals down will help us make the transference from ideas to actions. In addition, when we write Goals down, we are creating a valuable memory tool that we can use throughout the entire change process.

For our success there is the ‘Goal Creation Worksheet’ to list our Balanced and Healthy lifestyle areas we would like to change and specific goals for that. We can be as general as we wish. For example, we might say that I want to get more exercise. So we write ‘get more exercise’ under the Broad Statement heading. Next, list how much exercise we’re getting at the moment. We’ll want to use that information as a baseline. Keep listing all other behaviors that either contribute to or detract from our intention of getting more exercise. Some of the behaviors might be, give up ‘unnecessary watch TV’, ‘daily walk actively 1 mile to and from car park instead of taking taxi’ etc. The object of this exercise ‘Goal Creation Worksheet’ is to get us to start thinking about the specific behaviors we want to change.

Once we have the behaviors we want to change in mind, then we want to ensure that those thoughts stay in our immediate conscious for easy recall. The key is to keep thinking about the change we are going to make. Take a look around us each and every day. What do we have to do fit more activity in our life? How are others doing it? What kinds of activity would work best for us? When we drive to work, during commercial breaks, when we are brushing our teeth, keep thinking about our activity level and what we can do to bring it in line with what we want it to be. Do what we have to do; make banners, post notes, send our-self emails and text messages but never lose sight of the fact that we are going to get some more exercise in our life.

Awareness Leads to an Action Plan
Hopefully now we already have written out where we want to go, it’s time to look at where we are. For example, if we wrote that want to ‘get regular exercise’ then we will now want to focus on how we are spending our time. How much exercise are we getting now? What are we doing now that prevents us from getting regular exercise? If we wrote that, we want to ‘get regular rest’ then focus on how much rest we are getting now what is keeping us from the rest we need.

Much of what we do, we do through regulate daily routine or habits. Balanced and Healthy regulate daily routine or habits are great energy savers and we are fortunate to be able to rely on them to save us time and energy every minute of every day of our lives. We are unfortunate in that we pick up unbalances and unhealthy habits just as easily as we pick up Balanced and Healthy habits. It is hardly surprising that we have become so adept at developing habits. We are human, after all. And, is not it human to gravitate toward the “path of least resistance?” Why expend the energy when a habit will do, right? Could we imagine just how long it would take us to prepare to go to work in the morning if we had to think about each and every little thing we did before we left? To get an idea of the enormity of developing Balanced and Healthy habits, just think about one routine we do every day. Look at our “getting dressed” routine. Note how we currently do things, for example when putting on a shirt, blouse or coat with buttons which button do we start with first? Which shoe do we put on first? Which foot do we start with when putting on socks/stockings? Now try this simple exercise. Write down 5 similar behaviours that we do during our “getting dressed” routine. Then try to do them differently for 3 days in a row. How successful are we? We probably found that habits have a stubborn side and that we really had to spend considerable energy to change old habits. Most people probably fell by the wayside by the second day. Why? Change requires vigilance, consciousness, awareness, attentiveness, alertness, wakefulness etc and when we are conscious and vigilant, we are really prepared for action.

Now right time more properly write down actions for each and every our goals in ‘Action Plan Creation Worksheet’.

Awareness Leads to Change
A big reason for not being able to break unbalances and unhealthy habits is failing to remember that we made a decision to change in the first place. Remembrance is the essential when we want to be successful in setting up new Balances and Healthy habits for a Balances and Healthy lifestyle and/or for changing any behaviour for that matter. We have to remember to do something before we can do it. Habits are wonderful little conveniences that allow us to go about our daily routines without having to spend a lot of time and energy on thinking about what it is we are doing but there is a down side. If we have picked up some unbalances and unhealthy habits then it is going to take a conscious effort to think about the behaviours that most likely we have been running on autopilot for a long time. In other words, it is helpful for us to maintain a constant awareness for:

  • What unbalances and unhealthy habits we want to let go.
  • What habits we want to change.
  • What kinds of new Balances and Healthy habits we want to develop.

Awareness comes from noticing and be conscious of what we are doing and when, where, and how we are doing it. Hopefully, we used the “Balanced and Healthy lifestyle Worksheet” (not ready jet 🙂 to record some new Balances and Healthy behaviours that we would like to begin practicing. The left hand column can have some general change statements that we have set for ourselves. Take a look at those statements. What are we doing now that is preventing us from reaching those statements. For example, under the section titled Exercise we might have written something like, “I want to be more physically active”. What are we doing now that prevents us from being physically more active. What patterns do we see? Do we see activities like, ‘watch television’, ‘work at computer’, ‘nap’, ‘read’, etc. Note how often and how much time we spend on these activities each day. Jot down our notes in the margin or in our own journal. Once we are finished here, we are ready to move on to the 3rd step Training -> Application -> Skills

For preparation of post used materials from (28 Now 2010): http://www.healthyhabitshealthylifestyle.com

Your ever well-wisher with love and gratitude BVG Janaka das
2 May 2011

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  1. Jessenia Rubi says:

    This is my new favorite site. Rough translation but that’s the least! I understood everything & it actually spoke to me. I’m inspired now :’)

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