3rd step: Application

Developing of Balanced and Healthy lifestyle skills and habits

Feeling good, healthy, balanced, enthusiastic etc does not just happen by itself from nowhere. Living a life in healthy balance means taking the necessary actions and time to renew our self and come back to naturally Healthy and Balanced lifestyle. If we already have at least little bit Encouragement and desire to live Healthy and Balanced life in addiction to Awareness and knowledge what does it mean Balanced and Healthy lifestyle, then now is right time for us to do next 3rd step “Training – Developing Skills – Using Skills”. If our desire and knowledge for now not enough firm and strong for Balanced and Healthy lifestyle, then unlikely we will put needful effort for development of needful healthy life skills. In this situation recommended to deepen our desire and knowledge by personal association with those our role models, who are Successful in our eyes and live Balanced and Healthy lifestyle.

We hope, now we are ready do needful 3rd steps to come back to our naturally Balanced and Healthy lifestyle. As we can see in Figure 1, Habits grow when we have healthy cooperation between Desire, Knowledge and skills. Here we can find more details about “Training of helpful Balanced and Healthy lifestyle skills and techniques”, which can help us a lot to consciously experience happiness, blissfulness and knowledge forever.

Practical application.

1. As we already, speak in Motivation step, for development and maintenance we need our attention, conscious efforts, energy etc in contrary with destruction, with happening by itself under laws of nature. It is mean for developing Balanced and Healthy lifestyle habits we need to invest our consciousness, energy and time.

2. Second important point is association. We are social being, that mean, we are deeply affected by our associations. To development and maintenance Balanced and Healthy lifestyle we need to more often be together with our role model people in this area and less associate with people, who weaken our motivation and determination for Balanced and Healthy lifestyle. Our friend show who we are.

3. Start Easy – We will need to choose a target behavior for our Balanced and Healthy lifestyle plan. It is going to be our goal. It can be a habit that we like to let go or a particular healthy habit, what we like to develop and maintain it. There are two key points to keep in mind.

a. First, Always start off easy. Keep our goal just a little bit beyond our reach. We want to be successful without the task being too easy. Success begets success.

b. Second, work on only one main goal at a time. Too many main changes at a time will lead to certain failure.

4. Write it Down – Writing our goal down on paper takes our goal from the “thinking about it” stage to the “doing it” stage. Use the Awareness Worksheet that we started in the previous section to list our goals. If we did not complete the worksheet, we can do so now.

5. Assess the Problem – Know what we are getting into. Ask our self these two questions: “What is the payoff I get from engaging in the behaviour I want to change?” and “What will I be losing by not engaging in this behaviour in the future?” These are two very important questions. We may not think that there is a payoff by engaging in an unhealthy habit, but there always is, because otherwise we did not engage in unhealthy behaviour. 🙂

6. Break it Down – We want our goals to be both manageable and measurable. Break down big goals into smaller manageable ones. It has to be something we can reach with a reasonable amount of effort. It may take more time to reach our final goal but we have everything to gain by keeping it manageable. A measurable goal is one that can be quantified. It is a way of observing progress objectively. To measure our progress accurately, we will need a starting point, often called a baseline, which notes how often the target behaviour occurs now. Practice goal writing using the “Balanced and Healthy lifestyle Goal creation Worksheet” where we will learn how to change our general statements to measurable goals.

7. Establish a Timeline – Now that we have defined a measurable and manageable goal that we are ready to commit to, it is best to set a time frame. Write it down. When will we begin? How long will it take to get there?

8. Commit to Action – At some point the planning has to turn into something more. This is the part where we take action. And, as we has see in 1st step “ Motivation -> Desire” href=”https://bhls.wordpress.com/our-health-in-three-steps/1st-step-encouragement-motivation-desire/”>Encouragement -> Motivation -> Desire”, the first step of the three-step process, our actions and the success we have as a result of them will fuel our motivation to continue moving toward to our final goal.

9. Anticipate Grieving – This may seem strange to us at first but unhealthy habits, or any kind of habits for that matter, are our comfortable and familiar behaviours. Losing them is like losing our dear friend. There can be a strong sense of loss like the grief over the loss of a friend, or even more and stronger than that. Also, there are a number of things we can do to shorten the grief power and period. During this stage, we will be amazed at just how strong and devious our mind is. When we let go a habit, our brain has to play an unaccustomed part in learning the new behaviour. It would rather like to revert back to the old unhealthy habit which was on autopilot and required very little attention from our mind. Helpful to be prepared for all sorts of mind games that our mind can play until our body, mind and spirit will be use to new aimed healthy habits and behaviours.

10. Substitute Behaviours – When we let go an unhealthy habit, we will have many opportunities to replace that with Balanced and Healthy lifestyle habits. This is one of the best ways to help us get through the transition period of letting go unhealthy habits. If we let go a unhealthy habit, we get space, time, energy, encouragement etc for Balanced and Healthy lifestyle habits, that which fit for our new Balanced and Healthy lifestyle plan.

For preparation of post used materials from (28 Now 2010): http://www.healthyhabitshealthylifestyle.com

Your ever well-wisher with love and gratitude BVG Janaka das
2 May 2011

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