Balanced and Healthy lifestyle IN THREE WORDS

In root of question, “Balanced and Healthy lifestyle in three words” sound very simple and easy: Balanced and Healthy Diet – Rest – Relationships, and all our life will be full of Supreme Success, Happiness, Blissfulness and Knowledge Forever.

Balanced and Healthy Diet – Daily and regularly, drink enough water (on average 1.7 – 2.3 l per day) and eat Balanced and Healthy food in regulated times.

Balanced and Healthy Rest – Daily and regularly get sufficient rest during a day and sound sleep at night – on average 7 hours per every single night, and as part of qualitative rest daily at least 30 -40 min exercises. For example daily: 5-10 min short yoga or stretching routine in the early morning and 25-35 min daily healthy movements: hatha yoga, pranahama, exercises etc.

Balanced and Healthy Relationships – Relishing a deep full hearted Loving, caring, nourishing intimate relationships with family members and 1-3 intimate friends.  Regulate and restrict direct or/and indirect  sexual relationships only in marriage.

Any of us can come on this simple and very effective Balanced and Healthy lifestyle platform!

If we are looking for help, let us do that together. There we can find our practical tips and recipes: Successful Balanced and Healthy lifestyle program, Means and Laws of Balanced and Healthy lifestyle

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Your ever well-wisher with love and gratitude BVG Janaka das
2 Jun 2011

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  1. Paula Maklen says:

    I am continually looking online for ideas that can aid me. Thank you!

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