Prevention for diseases, illness, health disorders etc.

This page are meant for us to help Prevent unnecessary disease, illnesses, health disorders etc miseries, suffering, broken relationships, lost carers etc and finally untimely death by helping us come to Balanced and Healthy lifestyle in live blissful and knowledgeable life.

Heart disease, Back pain, Pain in knee, Migraine (head pains), Neck-Back-Spine pains, Arthritis, Digestive system disorders, Diabetes, Different Cancers, Alzheimer’s, Fall, Obesity, Overweight and Underweight etc.

Tobacco, Alcohol consumption, Drug abuse, Toxicants, Sexually transmitted diseases etc.

( Leading causes of preventable deaths in the United States in the year 2000.[17]

Cause Number of deaths resulting
Tobacco Smoking 435,000 deaths or 18.1% of the total deaths
Overweight and Obesity 365,000 deaths or 15.2% of the total deaths.
Alcohol consumption 85,000 deaths or 3.5% of the total deaths.
Infectious diseases 75,000 deaths or 3.1% of the total deaths.
Toxicants 55,000 deaths or 2.3% of the total deaths.
Traffic collisions 43,000 deaths or 1.8% of the total deaths.
Incidents involving firearms 29,000 deaths or 1.2% of the total deaths.
Sexually transmitted diseases 20,000 deaths or 0.8% of the total deaths.
Drug abuse 17,000 deaths or 0.7% of the total deaths.

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