Our offered Seminars-Workshops

All our education has principle centred approach where we respect the insurmountable laws of nature and based on “Supreme Success attracted by a Balanced and Healthy lifestyle”. Duration of course, several groups depend of each and every individual situation, like said website “About Our Education” in topic “Fife levels of offered education”.

We are offering for anyone and everyone following seminars-workshops:

For more details, please contact with us here: Our Contacts

Our future offers:
1.      Training and certifications of “Healthy and Balanced lifestyle counsellors
2.      Individual Healthy and Balanced lifestyle diagnostic and recommendations programs in client dwelling and/or working places.
3.      Health check-up program activities in permanent hospitals and mobile bus hospitals.
4.      Health check-up Packages for cooperative organszations.

Your ever well-wisher with love and gratitude BVG Janaka das
6 July 2011

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