DESCRIPTION of Successful Balanced and Healthy lifestyle program

To help us out, we are happy offering genuine “Successful Balanced and Healthy lifestyle” program with helpful tips and recipes, with are professionally chosen, developed and harmonised by Our Team and Our Partners – different Balanced and Healthy lifestyle professionals, doctors, trainers,  consultants, guides, psychologist, psychotherapist, nutritions, diatdalog (diet doctors) etc.

This is Our program more detail DESCRIPTION, which is part of whole “Successful Balanced and Healthy lifestyle program“.

Right now we are in the development stage. Unconvinced regretted :-(

For someone this part can be more carousal, because many times we can hear: “I would like to do that, bat I do not have for that time, money, place etc” 😦 😦 😦 This part is very, very tricky, because on one hand, we cannot make one pair of extraordinarily good shoes simultaneously for man and female, young and old, poor and wealthy, sick and vigorous etc. On the other hand, we are trying our best to help us out at least for good start in our journey to “Successful Balanced and Healthy lifestyle”. In addition, if we wish to change something important in our health care, please take parallel guidance and keep regular contact with our personal doctor and this information take just for our encouragement, consideration and support.

Our program three fold Structure planes for our Successful Balanced and Healthy lifestyle program.There are following five concentric circles like progressive steps or levels for gradual and systematic Balanced and Healthy lifestyle development. These five concentric circles in each other, with one united centre for whole Balanced and Healthy lifestyle. By reawakening on next level circle, we are wisely step by step melting together previous and present new level circle until ultimately 24/7/365, whole our life, saturated in Balanced and Healthy style. These five concentric circles is divides in three planes:

  • Consciousness plane
    To follow these suggestion we need just wake up and cultivate our conciseness, mindfulness and do not need for that extra time, money, space. Moreover, this practice is so powerful, which can change all our life and give us ever-increasing joy, happiness, bliss. Ultimately our Conciseness in fundamental for our Supreme Success of failure.
  • Behaviour plane
    Here is suggestions for us to gradually change less balanced, less healthy and unhealthy behaviour to more balanced, more healthy behaviour. In addition, there are two aspects : do and not-to-do. Many situations we can see, that finally Balanced and Healthy lifestyle require from us less money, less time, less special arrangement, less problems, less dissatisfaction compare with unbalanced and unhealthy lifestyle. In many situations we even can save good amount of not spend money, time, energy, which we can engage in other joyful activities and our heartfelt rewards.
  • Time plane
    For these activities we actually need special focused time, space and sometimes money.

Under these three planes, here we can find bullet points for our Balanced and Healthy lifestyle. Under each bullet points, our aim is to make and link one web-page with more detail explanations, who this particular bullet point lead us to Balanced and Healthy lifestyle, happy, blissful and knowledgeable life forever. And how our life going to be more and more unhealthy, unbalanced, miserable, stressful etc if we ignore these Balanced and Healthy lifestyle bullet point. Plus to these more detail explanations, there can be linked more our website links and external links, where there are more detail and specific information about already selected bullet point.

General idea for this gradual system, where each of us in 6 mounts up to one year can reawaken in our natural Balanced and Healthy lifestyle. That mean, in Balanced and Healthy way, to adjust each cercle in our life can take for us from 6 to 10 weeks, that mean 5 levels can take from 30 to 50 weeks. Even if to adjust one cercle take more than 10 weeks, it is all right, as long we are keep in right track of Balanced and Healthy lifestyle in our life – that mean we are healthy, wealthy and wise in loving and harmonic relationships.

We can reawaken in our natural Balanced and Healthy regulated lifestyle beyond 5th circle, experiencing more stable and regular happiness, blissfulness, satisfaction, Love, care for, tune in with laws of nature, laws of universe, fulfilled like unlimited ocean, happily giving like Spring source etc. Beyond this invested time line – 60 minutes daily plus 3 hours weekly: daily 15 min for physical health, daily 15 min for emotional health, daily 15 for professional health and 15 min daily plus 3 hours weekly for social health – Balanced and Healthy lifestyle for each and every person are very personal and can variegated a lot from persona to person.

We are encouraging all of us take personal responsibility of our life and keep walking this Balanced and Healthy lifestyle path under the personal care, support, guidelines etc of open and experience Balanced and Healthy lifestyle teacher, trainer, guide, counsellor, Guru etc.

Some one may be asking, “Who about the Spiritual healthy?” There is summary from post “Spiritual dimension in our Balanced and Healthy lifestyle“:
1. Balanced and Healthy lifestyle is fertile ground for all our activities in any of fields: physical, emotional, professional and social. Moreover, it is important base for any kind long run Spiritual Practice and needful base for any kind of Success – material and spiritual.
2. It will be beneficially for us, if we can consciously develop respect and just add Spiritual Dimension and Spiritual Practice in our life even for our own, our beloved one benefits. And some time, we can achieve our current goals, like power, wealth and economic development, fame, beauty and senses enjoyment, knowledge, renunciation and noble duties just by genially developing and practising Balanced and Healthy lifestyle and Personal Development. Go to the top

Your ever well-wisher with love and encouragement BVG Janaka das
26 Apr 2011 –

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    My neighbor and I were just debating this specific topic, he is often in search of to show me incorrect. Your view on that is great and precisely how I really feel. I just now mailed him this web site to indicate him your personal view. After looking over your website I guide marked and can be coming again to learn your new posts!

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