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Short retrospection on the seminar-workshop “Secrets of Supreme Success” at 30 July 2011

“Please help Me”, after seminar approach one of participants, “I am feeling so burn out, tailed, weak, frustrated… . More often, when someone call me and ask even ordinary question, I not able to focus the mind and give him … Continue reading

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Seminar-Workshop “Secrets of Supreme Success”

. Achieve Supreme Success Enjoy Forever Happiness, Blissfulness and Knowledge. Experience Forever Sustainable Wealth, Healthy and Wisdom. Share Forever Pure Love and receive Pure Love. Be Forever Supremely Successful Simultaneously in All Fields of Our Life as Physical, Mental, Professional … Continue reading

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Our Partners in “Successful Balanced and Healthy lifestyle program” development

Here we are –  different Balanced and Healthy lifestyle professionals, doctors, trainers,  consultants, guides, psychologist, psychotherapist, nutritions, diatdalog (diet doctors) etc. We are grateful to all our supporters. Same time we are happily invite here anyone and everyone, who would … Continue reading

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The Scientific base of Personal Development

In order to provide evidence, that Personal Development or Self Improvement is scientific and not just sentimental things, for that we will discuss certain concepts, aspects and factors of Personal Development, as:
= 1st concept: Ability to delay our senses gratification is the key to any kind of success and ultimately the key to Supreme Success in our life.
= 2nd concept: Emotional intelligence can be developed to achieve our outstanding performance.
= 3rd concept: Be Proactive means ability to control our instant impulses for higher cause, which Dr. Stephen Covey describes in detail in His book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.

Who to develop our ability of control our self and control our six senses?
= Five concepts about our human mind from Yoga scriptures.
= Yoga tells us, that we can change our mind by changing our present environment.
= Human mind investigation from scientific point of view.
= Mass, Energy and Structure – 3 minimum scientific characteristics of any material object.
= Importance of Personal Responsibility for our Life in the Personal Development.
= Any Meaning can be Described in a Graphical system or/and in a Textual systems.

Modes of the nature described in simple way.
= Mind in the different modes of the nature.
= Concept of five state of our human mind in Yoga scriptures.

Environment impact on our physical and mental health and life together.
= One more scientific experiment with “mouse’s response to hard rock”, to show the environment impact on our mind and Personal Development.
= Drinks, Food, Time, Place, Association impact on our mind in more detail way.
= Violence in mass media products increase and represent modes of passion and ignorance in us and sociality all together.
= Intelligence – so helpful difference between human beings mind and ordinary animals mind.

Personal Development from Physiology science in different modes of nature.
= Sigmund Freud, the father of modern physiology, studies the Personal Development in mode of ignorance.
= Alfred Adler, disciple of Sigmund Freud, studies the Personal Development in mode of passion.
= Viktor Frankl, disciple of Sigmund Freud, studies the Personal Development in mode of goodness.

Three so influential psychological theories connection with modes of nature – ignorance, passion and goodness.
= We are human being and we are born free with freedom to choose – what we will do with our human life?
= Depending of our present conscious and voluntary choices about our associations, our life will be more and more direct:
– Towards stronger and stronger drive for sex enjoyments and mode of ignorance.
– Towards stronger and stronger drive for certain status and mode of passion.
– Towards stronger and stronger drive for the meaningful human life and mode of goodness.
= These three different paths of Self Development described in different ancient and modern, Eastern and Western scriptures, schools and spiritual practises.

By seeing and contemplate all this scientific base of Personal Development, we are responsible for our free choose. Are we will strive to have Happy, Blissful and Knowledge Life Forever or endless anxiety, frustration and depression?
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